Wlod – IT Trainer

    •   product and system specific trainings preparation
    •   class-based and remote trainings delivery (references)
    •   software testing, in target or virtual environment
    •   system (UNIX/Linux) and network administration
    •   technical writing (example doc)

Senior IT Trainer with broad technical background and 10+ years of training experience. After having taken part in numerous development/testing/administration projects in the telecom/IT area, training others has become his profession and passion. Likes challenges of acquiring and sharing knowledge, enjoying all involved activities, including knowledge transfer from developers, product testing, creating exercise scenarios, and delivery.

I enjoy leading participants from areas they know well to new teritories, and making them self-reliable there. Within over 10 past years this approach has proven to be both successful accross various cultures, and personally rewarding.

Regards – Wlod.

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